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The fire pump, a central part of a fire protection system water supply can be powered by electricity, diesel or both. The pump is connected to a supply valve underground water pipe or a water source (for example, reservoir, sump, lake). The pump provides water flow at high pressure to the sprinkler system, fire hydrants and in conjunction with a pipeline. Each pump is tested specifically for use in fire service. The main code that regulates facilities fire pumps in North America is the National Fire Protection Association NFPA NFPA-20 of the Standard for the Installation of stationary pumps fire protection.

A jockey pump is a small pump connected to the sprinkler system or hydrant and is intended to maintain the pressure in the piping system to protect an artificially high level so that when you enter a single operation of the sprinklers, causing an appreciable drop pressure which will be easily detected by an automatic control system, causing the main pump starts. The jockey pump is essentially a part of the control system of the fire pump.

Techincal Features

Capacities from 500-4500 GPM Pressures from 100-410 PSI. Specialized Fire Service and developed in accordance with NFPA-20 standards. Driven by Electric Motors Brand U.S. Motors Vertical and Horizontal Diesel Engines with Geared Heads Brand Amarillo Gear. We also have an extensive assortment of Jockey pumps from top brands.