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Axial Flow Pumps

High capacity range pump, from 1,300 GPM until 27,000 GPM (82 lps a 1,700 lps) and it is normally used for low pressure applications 10 a 30 ft (3 a 9 mts). This kind of pump allows a high sphere pass.


These pump systems can be manufactured with several arrangements.



This pump is ideal for river aplications, sewer water, deflooding, industrial sistems, high capacity aplications, ocean water and shrimp farms.


Its use is mainly:
a) Municipal Water Sistems
b) Industrial
c) Agriculture


Axial Flow Pump With Discharge Over and Under Surface. Applications:
– Flood control.
– Water Treatment Plants.
– Pollution control.
– High capacity and low load.


Up to 27,000 GPM


Up to 13 PSI


Liquid Handled:
– Water
– Chemical Solutions
– Salt Water
– Treated Water


Temperature Range:
-20 °F to +200 °F


Approx. HP Range:
To 1,000 HP


– Electric Motors
– Engine / Gear Drives
– Variable Speed Drives


Construction Materials:
– Any Machinable Alloys Available for Impeller and Bowls.
– Cast Iron / Bronze Fitted (Standard)
– Nickel Aluminum Bronze
– Stainless steel
– Ductil Iron


Suction Case Cast Iron
Bushings Bronze
Bowl Shaft Stainless Steel 316/416
Coupling Shaft Steel C-1215
Axial Impeller Bronze
Bearings (Oil lub) Bronze
Column and discharge head A-36 Steel